Know Before You Start

App Related : Money Plant is a product with several first of its kind user friendly features, currently available on Android devices and soon will be available on all other OS.

Advisory Credit :

Advisory Credit is a Pre-Paid Investment / Trading advise available to a registered smart phone user.
It is a message thread containing
1. Initiation Message – Message to buy or a sell of an asset class.
2. Follow up message – Several follow up messages on the initial message.
3. Close out message – Message to exit the trade.

The above messages make up for 1 advisory credit.

Every user who register’s with Money Plant will be provided with an option to buy Advisory Credit in multiples of 5 credits. Once they are bought, the same shall be displayed in the app along with number of credits available for usage. As the advise is generated the same is displayed in the Live Call section of the app. If the user selects a particular advicse of his / her interest, one credit shall be debited from his account. In the event, any advise fails to generate profit; App’s intelligent system recognizes unsuccessful advise & replenishes user account with one fresh advisory credit free of cost.

How it Works?

Green: Each advise is time validated to display the advisory content; this process has three steps as follows.

1. Intraday advises will by default have 15 minutes (or as set by the app) Access time, within this time the user is allowed to open the advise with following note “One credit will be debited for this advise, would you like to open this advise?”.

2. To optimize the utilization of service, Post 15 minutes (or as set by the app) user is prompted with the following message “Price might have substantially moved away from the actionable level, one credit will be debited for this advise, would you like to open this advise”.

Same logic applies to all other calls like, Positional, Investment etc. The default time is set to 6 hours (or as set by the app).

Step 3 Yellow: “Timed out”, App does not allow user to open the advise post access time, this helps an user save money, not only that, an user is prevented from jumping in to the trade at an unfavorable price.

All advises are time validated for display in live calls section, only calls opened by the user will be available in this section till the time it is closed, rest of the advises will disappear from the live calls section @ 12.01PM midnight.

Optimization of Services

You can control the flow of services for different segments as per your choice
Settings > Edit profile > Choose Segments.

Pay only when you gain: User pays for successful calls only

App’s intelligent system traces each failed advise & replenish user account with one FREE CREDIT. The same can be checked under “Total Available Credit” section.

Price of one Advisory Credit

The price will be updated shortly. Currently as a promotional offer, each user is pre loaded with 50 Advisory Credits FREE.

Note:This is a BETA release, utmost care has been taken to ensure quality delivery of service. Users feedback is welcome, Please mail us at support@moneyplant.mobi

Market & Service Related Queries

1 What is the basis on which you generate calls?

Short term advises are based on Technical Analysis & Long term advises are based on Fundamental Analysis

2 How different your advises from the competition?

Our advises are of “High Returns, Low Risk”, unless the trade has minimum 3% returns for a 1% Risk (1:3 Ratio) we do not generate advises at all. Most of the time Risk will be less than 1%

3 What is the quantity of shares do I have to buy or sell using your advise?

Each advise will come with a recommendation on number of shares to be bought. Buying decision also depends on risk tolerance.

4 How many calls you provide in a day?

Depends on Market momentum and volatility

5 What is close basis stop loss?

Recommended stocks price should be above the stop loss 5 minutes before the close of the trading session.

6 In Past performance section App shows total profits Rs XXXX; this profit is for how many calls?

Profit shown is for latest 20 advises, if you want to check for more, please login to www.moneyplant.mobi.

7 I have not availed a particular advise but I want to check its’ performance, where do I find it?

You can check its’ performance in “Past Performance” section after the call is closed.

8 I got stuck post funds transfer, what to do now?

Do not worry, if your fund transfer is successful but you have not received the confirmation, your money will be refunded to you within 7 working days. For More Queries please mail us: support@moneyplant.mobi or call 080-23563103

Important do’s & do not’s

1 Stay in stock markets with surplus money, you will never succeed if you forget this rule number one.
2 Have realistic expectations – you will never become rich in a short span of time.
3 Stock markets do not make you rich instantly, you have to acquire profits steadily.
4 Always fix the size of the trade in terms of Investment & never forget this rule.
5 Assess your risk / reward appetite & execute trades accordingly
6 Never stretch beyond your limits.
7 Stay out of trend less markets, after all markets are not meant to trade every day.
8 You will make big money with patience than with numerous strategies.
9 Some days markets may not present any opportunity to trade successfully, do not trade out of impatience.
10 Do not attempt to recover your losses from a losing trade – it is never possible.
11 Don’t rely on single stock for making profits frequently.
12 Track your performance in an excel sheet on a daily basis
13 Too many opinions will make you err, stay away from the crowd.
14 Have an action plan & execute accordingly.
15 Never act in panic or euphoria.


ABV: Above
B: Buy
BF: Buying Freeze
BK PRFT – Book Profit
BP: Book Profits
BTST: Buy Today Sell Tomorrow.
CA: Call options – Positive Outlook
CLS BASIS: Close Basis (Stock or an asset price 5 minutes before close of trading session)
CLS: Close
CM: Cash Market
EOD: End Of the Day
FNO: Futures & Options.
FP: Futures Price
FUT: Futures
IBP: Intended Buy Price
IC: Intraday Call
MKTS: Markets
NF: Nifty Futures
NFS: Nifty Spot
OPEN: Open positions or carried forward position
PBP: Partially Book Profits
PC: Positional Call
PE: PUT OPTIONS – Negative Outlook
POS: Position
S: Sell
SF: Selling Freeze
SL: Stop Loss
SP: Spot Price
SSL: Strict Stop Loss
SSL: Strict Stop Loss
STBT: Sell today Buy tomorrow
TRGRD: Triggered
TRL SL: Trailing Stop Loss
@: at


-10 Minute stop loss: Exit trade if stock trades below the stop loss for more than 10 minutes, like wise for different time frame.
-CIRCUIT: Price band for a stock /futures/options/markets
-HEDGE: Create opposite position to an existing position
-MARGIN: Initial deposit made to take a position in Futures & Options segment
-PREMIUM: Sum paid to buy an option contract
-SWING TRADE: Trade both ways (Buy-sell)